Advanced Technology Labs Americas, a Yuneec Company

Advanced Technology Labs Americas is a Yuneec company designing and manufacturing world-leading commercial UAV's focused on providing precision aerial platforms that are reliable, plug and play, and easy to use across multiple needs.

Police and fire departments use for crowd control, crime scene inspection, situation awareness, and delivery of lightweight payloads. Construction sites for 3D modeling and volumetric measurements. Agriculture use for ground inspections and mapping. Expert photography or video users, co-engineered with LEICA for an array of uses.

Yuneec’s Typhoon H Plus, H3, and H520 hexacopter designs are what operators seek. We provide the highest stability in the wind allowing use in bad weather without impacting the mission and reliability where a single motor could fail, and the mission continues safely. Our H520 platform provides maximum flexibility with plug and play SONY cameras, FLIR thermal sensors, and multiple 3rd party solutions.