Quantum-Systems GmbH


Friedrichshafener Str. 2


Quantum-Systems GmbH was founded in 2015 in Munich and is specialized in the development and production of automatic, electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) fixed-wing drones for a wide variety of use cases. The 50+ employees (growing) are working intensively on combining range and electric efficiency with the ability to vertically take-off and land without additional equipment. CEO Florian Seibel: “Our passion is the continuous development of industry leading VTOL aircrafts. With our ready to operate systems we serve a wide range of customers. We help to increase yields in agriculture, fly 3-D reconstruction missions, do tactical mapping for security forces or provide mission critical video footage in real time to governmental users. Made in Germany, non ITAR and no back doors in soft- or hardware as all of our flight planning and autopilot hard- and software is designed in house”. Unique Feature – eVTOL Fixed-Wing System The eVTOL fixed-wing UAVs of Quantum-Systems unite the benefits of helicopters and airplanes in one new innovative aircraft. This makes it a game changer as it has both. It provides the convenient handling of a helicopter and the sophisticated aerodynamics of an airplane. The systems, therefore, can cover up to 100 times more area than regular multicopter drones but are equally easy to control and operate. No catapults, runways or landing nets needed.