Hesai Technology


US Office: 3500 W Bayshore Rd.
Palo Alto
United States




Hesai Technology is a global leader in 3D-sensors (LiDAR). Founded in 2014, Hesai is dedicated to the development of cutting-edge 3D laser sensing technologies for different applications, including robotics, industry, and autonomous vehicles. Hesai's team has created a suite of innovative sensor solutions that combine three core strengths: industry-leading performance, manufacturability, and reliability. Hesai has accumulated deep expertise in core components and technologies: self-developed LiDAR chips, automotive volume production capability, functional safety, interference rejection technology, and others.

Hesai's technologies continue to lead the market in sensor innovation, winning customers spanning 70 cities in 30 countries and regions. To date, Hesai has raised hundreds of millions from Bosch, GL Ventures, Xiaomi, Meituan, CPE, Lightspeed, Baidu and other global investors.