GEM Systems


135 Spy Court
L3R 5H6


GEM Systems Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of magnetometers, gradiometers and magnetic sensors for geophysical surveys. Given the increase in popularity of UAV platforms as a result of usability, minimal area for take-off/landing, payload capacity and autonomous capabilities, GEM Systems has specifically designed a lightweight and ultra-sensitive magnetometer (DRONEmag) in addition to turnkey solutions like the AirBIRD and AirGRAD for UAV applications (i.e. aerial mapping, mineral exploration, pipeline and/or wellhead detection, Unexploded Ordnance Target Identification (UXO) and others)! With more than three decades in the research and development of geophysical equipment, GEM Systems is also known for its service and support Ð featuring knowledgeable magnetics professionals and the industry-leading three-year warranty program. GEM Systems has the solutions to your geophysical needs (remember to use the hashtag #DRONEmag)!