Fortem Technologies, Inc.


2015 W Grove Parkway
Pleasant Grove
United States



Fortem Technologies, Inc. is a venture funded, privately held company that delivers products to enable safe autonomous airborne operations. Fortem Technologies' proven solutions allow organizations to transition their unmanned aircraft operations beyond line of sight (BLOS) as well as protect their most precious resources from threats in the air. Fortem's most recent product is a leader in providing modern air defense day and night. The Fortem DroneHunterª is an unmanned counter-UAS aircraft that uses the TrueView Radar to autonomously fly toward unwanted drones in the sky Ñ without a human pilot on the ground Ñ and detect, track, classify, monitor via video stream, inspect, and safely capture the intruder drone at a safe distance from the protected area. Fortem's DroneHunterª is the world's first counter-drone system that operates BLOS using radar to protect a perimeter day and night from unwanted air threats.